November 1, 2009

I Also Have a Confession.. and I Am Revealing It Here.

I love checking out videos posted in Youtube, and videos shared by my friends in Facebook. I got so addicted to all the fun, reality videos; and the series posted at Red Chair Confessions got me so intrigued.

I thought these are ads for a new condom brand or a family planning campaign. And then, there is an epiphany! We are dealing with shopping, and shopping addiction. The girls on the videos are just going crazy over Talbots! Who would have thought?

I couldn't blame them. I know exactly how it feels to be addicted. You can check my previous posts for rants and raves. Besides, Talbots is having a make-over. It is no longer a shop for your moms and aunts. The store ditched the boring simple cuts and plains; and is now offering pieces for every age bracket. Check out the site and lure to every hip and stylish pieces they are offering. Let me know which ones are you favorite and leave them on the comment box. You want to know my picks? Check out my entry here when I virtually shopped at Talbots.

Check out the Red Chair Confessions now and share your own confessions! We do not need to go to the church to confess and ask for forgiveness. Shopping is therapeutic. No guilt feelings please.