January 6, 2010

H&M opening in Manila this year

Posted by Ruth at 12:11 AM
Rumor has it. H&M is opening a store in Manila. Although the store is not yet confirmed (whether SM or Ayala), the sure thing is that the bidding has ended and there is a winner. For those who are still at lost, H&M is a UK clothing brand. I was thinking F&H got its nick from H&M.

What is confirmed though is Jimmy Cho is collaborating with H&M. Read the full story here

I could just imagine fashionistas, primadonnas and wannabes will be swarming to the newest H&M store once it opens its doors, just like what they did to Zara. Just like how many bids they are betting on Ebay for every H&M item listed, new or used.

I am not a big fan of H&M (my friend is!), but seeing more and more designer stores and shops in Manila is an advantage for our economy. I heard that Forever21 will also open a store in Manila. (Yes, we do have the Forever21 store in malls which carry some pieces from the original Forever21, but note that most of the pieces that they sell are the same ones from tiangges). The thought of Forever21 opening a store in Manila makes it less appealing for me. I love the brand. I love the clothes and collection. Maybe I am just a little too selfish about fashion. I have this mentality that once a thing/a person/an event hits the mass market, I tend to dislike and disown it.

Aren't we all like that?!


gwengshionista said...

i hope H&M will not be as overpriced as GAP! And so does Forever 21. But I get your point of being selfish in fashion, because I am too! I often find myself wearing H&M again and again because I don't have "twins" when I wear them! I also love F21's handbags, jewelry and dresses! hehehe I wonder what Mariel (Rodriguez) would feel if we'll have H&M and F21 here, she loves both brands din pa naman coz wala daw kapareho...:) Parepareho talaga tayong mga girls! :) hehe

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