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July 19, 2010

Pizza Hut Palm Card or Shakey's Pizzanatic Super Card?

My Pizza Hut Palm Card is nearing its expiration date (August 2010), and I have thought of getting a new one. But Shakey's has the same discount card which they call Pizzanatic Super Card which gives me second thoughts on buying another Palm Card.

Let me do a little comparison..

The Pizza Hut Palm Card costs Php379. Buy any regular or family size pizza plus Pepsi (either 2 liters or 1.5 liters) and get the pizza of the month for FREE. Usually the free pizza would be Hawaiian or Pepperoni. By experience, they can only give 5 free pizza for 5 orders. The free pizza is not applicable for dine-in transactions but cardholder can take 10% off the total bill. Card is valid for 6 months.

The Shakey's Pizzanatic Super Card on the other hand is only Php299. Buy one pizza and drinks and get another pizza for Free on deliveries. Cardholders also receive 10% discount on cash and credit card transactions, for non-promo items eaten at any Shakey's restaurants. Aside from that, the card also serves as a rewards card. For every Php100 purchase, cardholder is entitled to 1 point and the points can be used as cash for the next transaction. The best part is that cardholders can get a FREE Large Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza on his/her birthday. Plus, the card is valid for 1 year! (Like, like!)

If there is one good reason why would I buy a new card, it is because we love ordering pizzas in the office, and getting a free pizza for every pizza ordered is so worth the amount that I have paid for for the card. For the past six months, I have gotten sick of Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab's offerings, which gives Shakey's Pizza points ahead on this battle.

Actually, I wonder why I worry about these things. I should talk to my manager and ask her to include discount cards on her team budget. I wonder which card she would choose?!