Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bottega Verde: From Italy to US

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bottega Verde. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fashion afficionados, style icons and even plain Jane's have another reason to celebrate. The famous Italian cosmetic brand, Bottega Verde has reached the US shores and is gracing every women's dresser and train cases.

Just like any other famous brands, Bottega Verde started as a small herbalist store in Tuscany, Italy and has grown as the largest cosmetic brand serving more than 6 million satisfied customers.

Bottega Verde's followers from US may now purchase items online through the all new website -

Checking the website, everything is just so enticing. It's like checking an online dessert menu, with the yummy description of each product AND the very reasonable prices (from $15 to $30 for 400ml bottle) with some at discounted price.

My current wish list is this Almonds - Milk Bath with Almonds Extract from Nature's Best section.

Mothers and doctors can attest that milk is good for our skin, and almond is the safest scent everyone loves and appreciates.

I am certain that magazines like Cosmo, Vogue and other glossy prints will feature this new wonder brand from Italy.. and I am certain some bottles of Bottega Verde would soon share spaces with my lotions, bath gels and creams.

For those who have only heard the product, Bottega Verde is offering an Italian Beauty Package which consist of Foot Mint Deodorant Cream, Cherry Blossom Body Wash and Must Rose Face Day Cream. The package is worth $24 value but the site is only asking for $4.99 shipping fee. Head to now and request your package.

Visit my sponsor: Italian Beauty, now in the USA

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