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February 1, 2011

Movie: Love and Other Drugs - There's More to Life than Viagra and Casual Sex

It is a story of a guy (Jake Gyllenhall) who came from a family of medical practitioners and whose only dream is to become a successful medical representative (well, aside from sleeping with every known woman specie); and a girl (Anne Hathaway) who is into photo collages but is not into commitments and relationships (because of Mr. Parkinsons). I don't want to write about the movie's summary, but I just have to say that it is such a revelation for Anne Hathaway. She has said goodbye for being the princess and assistant.

There are a couple of sexy, titillating scenes in this movie - but something that would really melt a woman's heart, is when [SPOILER ALERT!] Jaime has finally said the magic words, and Maggie is not even excited about what she has heard. Well, actually she had a some sort of panic attack. The exact opposite of a blushing girl. Yeah, reality and experiences tell me, it is always the woman who wanted relationship and commitment; but having a dreaded disease such as Parkinson, maybe I would also think that a man would only want to be with me because I am sick, and I am lonely and alone.

So what's the take away from this movie? Enjoying every moment that you have with each other. The time when Jaime gets to watch the video of Maggie which he had recorded wherein she talks about how happy she is at that very moment (in black and white video, with only blanket or bedsheets (?!) draping over her body) - that's when it hits him - that he wanted to be with her and relive that moment with her.

This movie is not just about love, and casual sex, and Viagra and following your heart - there are also some nice dialogues and lines from unknown characters who played the part of those who are suffering from Parkinsons disease, and the witty lines they shared would make us appreciate the beauty of life and time.