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June 9, 2016

Cervantes Farm: Square Foot Urban Gardening by A Retired Colonel

cervantes farm

Cervantes Farm: Square Foot Urban Gardening 
Part 1 of 5 series of #RuthGoestoBukidnon #OABloggerAko Series sponsored by the Agricultural Training Institute. 

I got an awesome opportunity to explore Bukidnon and meet inspiring farm owners who traded their profession and incorporate their passion to a life in the farm. 

An hour flight from Manila to Languindingan, Cagayan de Oro and 3 hours land travel to the "food basket of Mindanao". Bukidnon literally means mountain dweller. True to its name, we see nothing but greens, rice fields and plantations. It was a beautiful sight and experience. Opposite the towering cityscapes in Metro Manila.

cerrvantes farm

Our first stop was at the urban garden owned by Retired Col Honorio Cervantes in Pagatpat, Cagayan. We were welcomed by a beautiful Square Foot Garden which he started upon retirement. 

cervantes farm square foot gardening
cervantes farm square foot gardening

He hosted our first meal and true to his passion on square foot gardening, he unveiled this big square platter of rice, fish, pork and fruits adorned with seaweeds that were all taken from his farm. For us to feel the authentic farm life and dining, we were given Bani instead of plates (from banana trunk). 

cervantes farm square foot gardening

I was excited to once again explore and eat organic food. 

cervantes farm square foot gardening

Sir Cervantes shared his story while we enjoyed the food that he prepared for us. He is rather a jolly and witty man for a retired colonel. He said that his inspiration was from the Costales Farm in Laguna and he was very thankful that he is being supported by the Agricultural Training Institute. 

cervantes farm square foot gardening

Currently, he is conducting free training and seminar about Square Foot Gardening and how farming and gardening can help provide food for every table in the family home. 

cervantes farm square foot gardening

He took us to a quick tour of his cozy little garden. I love how the Square Foot Gardening provides greener view, takes less effort to maintain, consumes less water and needs only a small space. From Square Foot Gardening, you can explore it to Vertical Farming. 

Everything in his small lot is created with love and creativity. He even gamely invited us to uproot some of his kangkong. 

#mommywrites uprooting the kangkong

cervantes farm square foot gardening

Did you guys know that I stopped eating Kangkong after my organic farm tour in Bacolod? We now use talbos ng kamote at home especially when cooking Sinigang. 

Sir Cervantes' urban garden is a sweet little inspiration that tells us that we can start our own garden at home, in the city - no matter how small our place is. 

... to be continued.

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