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August 19, 2016

Bloggermail Friday: 8

It is Friday (!!) but I am a tad bit lazy to unbox and take photos of #bloggermail /s. We all experience our lazy days (and today is my day). 

Anyway, here is a quick post about one of bloggermails I received this week. 

Super cute invitation from Bird House!
Bird House is a new restaurant which will feature Korean fried dishes!

bird house philippines

Love the fun feathers included in the box!
The item was delivered via Zomato!

To make us more excited about the preview, @birdhouseph included some of the sauces! 
Green Goddess, Peach Barbeque and Truffle Ketchup 

My mom loves them all! These sauces make even the simplest fried chicken extra flavorful. I cannot wait for the real deal!

bird house philippines

Thank you Bird House for sending this! Can't wait for the opening!
You guys will hear about it on the blog :)

Ending this quick post now. I have yet to unbox the other bloggermails but first - priorities (I wish I could just lounge around) Need to do the laundry and do daughter duties because this Friday night, I am going out! :) 

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