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April 22, 2017

TasteSetters Workshop: Cooking with La Espanola Olive Oil

Taste Setters: La Espanola Olive Oil

A common ingredient which you can find in every household in Spain is an Olive Oil. Today, more and more Filipino kitchens treat olive oil as a kitchen staple. La Espanola is considered to be the oldest olive oil company in Spain which was founded in 1840. It is used by the best home cooks and chefs in the world - be it for grilling, baking, cooking or dressing a salad.

During the Madrid Fusion event in Manila, we got to taste interesting food which uses La Espanola Olive Oil. 

Taste Setters: La Espanola Olive Oil

The La Espanola Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality category of is products. Made with 100% natural real fruit juice which stays fresh throughout the process that keeps the flavor and taste fresh. It comes in 3 different flavors - Basil, Garlic and Lemon, which gives food different taste and personality. 

The La Espanola Pomace Oil is the milder choice as it does not predominate the taste when cooking. It can be heated at high temperature which can be used for frying, wok cooking and grilling. It can also be used for baking as it is a healthier alternative for butter. 

Here are some of the dishes we tried: 

Taste Setters: La Espanola Olive Oil
A meat-free nugget dipped in Dijon-Mayo Sauce

Taste Setters: La Espanola Olive Oil
Couscous Salad with Olive Oil Dressing 

Taste Setters: La Espanola Olive Oil
Ice Cream with Olive Oil

You find them odd? They are all surprisingly good. 

Taste Setters: La Espanola Olive Oil

How would you use La Espanola Olive Oil?

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