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November 30, 2007

Bonifacio Day!

"Andres Bonifacio, atapang atao. Aputol akamay. Hindi atakbo. Aputol and paa. Hindi atakbo. Apatak akalamansi. Atakbo atulin.." - cute lines popularized by Tikboy (Anjo Yllana), in a defunct sitcom Palibhasa Lalake. This day means no classes for students, and premiums for workers on duty today.. thanks for the man whose monument serves as landmark in Tutuban.. Ive seen a part of the documentary about Andres Bonifacio a few nights ago. Some believers and followers of this man's bravery are fighting to name Bonifacio as the first Philippine President heading Katipunan and revolt against Spaniards. Another issue involving the greatness of Bonifacio. We know the fight to have him as National Hero over Rizal is not yet resolved. Funny to know that Bonifacio actually came from a well-off family (and that he used to have a tutor! rich kid eh? - this is something I missed in our class..), a complete opposite of how he is usually described in our history textbooks: barefooted, from Tondo, and sells fan for a living. These actually came right after his parents died and he had to stand as a breadwinner for the family. Now that is some autobiography lesson..

Changing history books and textbooks, and the history of Philippines to name Bonifacio as the First Philippine President would mean so much trouble.. in my humble opinion. We know how Bonifacio's life ended from the hands of another Filipino: Emilio Aguinaldo. And thinking about the reactions of Aguinaldo's great grandchildren in reverting the history would mean never-ending rivalry between these parties.

Besides, I think celebrating his day today is much more important than having his name and picture included in the gallery of Malacanang Palace.. Has anyone notice? Do we celebrate Aguinaldo Day?! ;)