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November 26, 2007

My High School friends can attest that I was never a bookworm.. and it surprises me that now I can finish one paper back in a day! What hooked me on reading? Probably just when I received a Harry Potter Book set as a birthday gift from my sister 6 years ago. But now I particularly dig chiclits. Yes chiclits! WIth those fun, sexy, catchy titles and nice book covers. They used to say that people, actually, girls who love reading romance novels would end up being an old maid or a member of NBFSB club (no boyfriend since birth). They say these girls probably live on fantasy and prince charming and perfect love. But I would like to think otherwise. I read books, and chiclits because they entertain me; and somehow they never cloud my judgement on things and preferences. Though of course we all pray for our prince charmings.. 😉

Ive finished some good books last week.. but I thought of just bragging about the most recent book Ive finished. One True Love by Stephanie Doyle is a special chiclit offering of Harlequin books. Yes, Harlequin.. those novels with seductive covers. But One True Love is a fun read! It’s a typical friends became lovers love-triangle story. But what’s admirable about the story is that the characters are not perfect. I cannot think of any celebrity who’ll fit Corrine’s (the heroine) description, but just a hint she’s not tall, she wears push-up bra, and she wears contact lenses. You wouldn’t think of Sarah Jessica Parker, or Anne Hathaway while reading the book, but you will love her just the same. The vacation setting makes me think of Boracay and the nice beaches in Cebu. The characters’ remarks are funny and witty, and the ending is just as hilarious as the whole book. Which made me want to read the rest of Harlequin’s chiclits offering.. 🙂

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