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Lavander Girl’s Bond Girl Head Band

December 4, 2007

Ever wonder what kind of head band Vanessa Hudges, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba are wearing .. ?! They are the Bond Girl Headband’s of Lavander Girls collection. Im not quite sure if the thing is named after the James Bond movie and his ladies, but one thing is for sure they are selling at $36!
I was able to get some from the local market, and Im loving ’em. Elastic, and tight enough to hold your hair in place, yet so chic and stylish. There’s mettalic colors in black, silver, bronze and gold. I got multiple strands too on same colors! Can probably wear them on Sunday masses with those flirty dresses.. or wear to glam up a plain white-tee and jeans ensemble.. and yes, wear them to free your face when doing physical work.
It so much reminds me of the beaded headband I bought from my friend’s friend inspired by Evita Peroni collection. But the one I got is adjustable, yet at some point the adjustable strand gets loose and you have to re-do your hair every so often.
If you want to know where to get these double-strand head band. Ask me.

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