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Planning for Planner

December 1, 2007

First day of the month.. I can actually feel the cool weather, and there’s no storm to blame for the low temperature. I only have few pages left on my planner (aside from my blog, i keep a planner! like a pro huh?!) I need to secure a new one. With only 4 stamps I got for the Starbucks planner, Im not actually on the run.. I go to Starbucks to enjoy coffee and chat with my friends, and getting stickers is just a plus. Besides I only order one drink in Starbucks – Coffee Jelly Frappuccino; and or course, for the real coffee fix, I head to Coffee Bean. Have I mention Coffee Bean has a sticker-promo this holiday too? Yes, order 9 variety drinks and get a free notebook. Not the usual planner with months, days, and dates printed on it, but a plain just a plain spiral notebook like you see in the local office store. The treat is you can choose from three design covers. I guess they are promoting recycling and nature-conservation on this promo as evident on the notebook’s material.

For my planner, Im eyeing the Belle De Jour planner.. I looove the illustrations! So chic and sassy! Plus, it comes with discount coupons for local establishments! Yeah, I love notebook planners! I prefer them over palm organizers. Ive actually bought a palm organizer, but resell it after testing.. Hehe. Not that I dont want to embrace technology. Besides I love the feel of drawing and doodling on my planner.. probably adding flowers and hearts when feeling inloved, drawing sad faces when Im feeling blue.. and overusing exlamation points when frustrated. I remember I use to buy planners from Tickles in Greenhills (hmm.. is the Tickles still alive?).. and just filling the pages with love quotes! Haha.

For those who want to have personalized planners with their pictures on cover, please order from this group of Atenean’s. Im actually planning to get one as a gift for my bro-in-law coming next year.

New year.. new planner.. isn’t it nice to always have something new in your life?

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