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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2007

Whoa, it’s the last day of the year again.. Time moves so fast. Indeed. I just finished doing the pasta, and I have my mom to take care of lunch and dinner. I’ve been cooking and preparing for three days, to avoid the rush. Imagine how tiring it is to prepare everything today. Not that we are expecting visitors or relatives. We normally welcome the year in the simple way, by praying together. And I remember each year, we are more worried about fires and accidents. Living in a place like Manila, with loud neighbors around you, we can’t help but worry about those things.

It’s just a simple new year celebration for us every year. I wish we have my two sisters with us and their families to welcome the year, but it’s always a sad thought to know there would be four of us here tonight. I just hope then next year, we would still be together, the four of us (or maybe there would be an addition to the family?) and other siblings with us through prayers.

I feel guilty about this holiday season, because practically I ditched my exercise routine and indulge in the many calories and cholesterol this season is offering me. But anyway, I was hoping that okra and oatmeal will help me with my dilema soon after the holiday ends.

My mom decided not to buy fruits this time (we practically buy fruits on a regular basis anyway, and always find them rotten in the veggies and fruits compartment of the fridge.. so why buy and add the collection?). We’re sort of fighting the Fung Shui beliefs and traditions. Hehe Although I positioned the bowl of garlic we have in our dining table. It makes a good centerpiece and I heard from TV that this would attract new opportunities for the coming year. People say that we can try rolling garlic from the main door to the kitchen, and placing 8 cloves of garlic in the main living room for good luck. Hmmm.. what is this about garlic? Maybe because there’s an abundant supply in the market today, and its price is real low, that these Luck Experts decided to make a business out of it by promoting garlic and good luck?

One thing is for sure though, garlic is good for your health! Happy New Year!

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