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Picture Not-So-Perfect

December 9, 2007

I made a list of my to-do things before the year ends, and number one on my list is to organize pictures. Im working on uploading all my pictures (soft copies) on an online photo album now. Tommorrow, or maybe within the week, I’ll work on scanning the rest of the pictures that we have here. Mostly baby pictures, family pictures and Thanksgiving pictures (which show the evolution of ourselves).

Im acting now in preparation of system crashes. I’ve learned my lesson last year. I wanted to organize my pictures and do my scrapbook then. I remember how I cut out nice pictures, prepared labels and stuff for my project; and then 3 days later, our house burnt down, and all my pictures – ashes. So sad. So tragic. Yes, I know, I don’t have much pictures left to show my grandchildren.. how I reigned in my own ramp!

Anyway, so I decided to use Flickr and uploaded pictures from my first job. I like Flickr because it has privacy option, batch uploading (which only takes seconds), and the layout is simple yet classy. But, after uploading 200 pictures, I was informed there’s a limit for free account, and i may opt to upgrade to a pro account. What a bummer! The ones I’ve uploaded are not even 1/8 of my pictures!

I tried Shutterfly – which says it’s voted the best photo album online, free, and unlimited storage. But the loading process turns me off.

Hmm.. I am thinking of storing my pictures on my Yahoo briefcase instead.. This is for back up anyway, not for sharing.. *click*

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