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Shuttle Stuck in a Wrong Space

December 12, 2007

Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom got stuck up in the middle of a supposedly fun ride this afternoon! I heard that some HS students got stuck up upside down. Pain in the neck!

The whole incident reminds me of that movie.. I forgot the title, but it was a sequel.. about the roller coaster accident and premonition.

The last time we went to Enchanted Kingdom was two years ago. I never rode Space Shuttle then, because.. well, I got pretty scared after we rode Joker (which I think is the deadliest ride I’ve ever experience! and the ride is no joke!) in that theme park in The Fort, and we just had dinner then when we got to the area. So I and my friend realized that’s not good for digestion. hehe

But honestly Space Shuttle is a fun ride. I got to experience riding the front seat and back seat of the whole train, although at the back of my mind I was so freaking afraid about loose screws (especially of that bar securing your body).. machine malfunctions.. and short circuits. I remember keeping my eyes closed the whole ride, until my friend told me I should keep my eyes open while the whole thing goes so I can make the most out of the experience.

And he has a point. It was fun to see how the train you were riding crawls in the railings, while the people you were with let go of desperate screams and curses, feeling your fingers digging in the cushion bar securing your body, and tasting the whole experience. But what’s more fun is stepping out of the train and sharing the experience, and probably lining up for the next round of ride..

Hmm.. I wish the people who got stuck there this afernoon were all safe now. Thank God for all the blessings.

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