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December 15, 2007

It’s our Thanksgiving today, and unlike the Thanksgiving on the previous years, this one is extra special, it marks the offering of our newly renovated place of worship (almost done, except for the landscaping) as well. I just can’t explain the feeling of being free and blessed. The atmosphere is solemn and spiritual. It’s is true that words are not enough to express how grateful and thankful I am for all the blessings I received through these years, and some are not even the ones I’ve asked.

I remember when I was younger that we use to hold our Thanksgiving on the last day of the year. But for the past years, we opted to hold it before the Holiday season, and Christmas vacation. And yes, we always have our family picture taken each year! Pictures that are evidence of our “evolution”! Haha. It’s sad that now, there’s only four of us here to share the frame and flash.

Oh, actually, we don’t have a traditional family picture this year! I brought my camera, and had no one to take our picture! Which reminds me I have to buy a camera tripod! (and another camera case, because we left the thing on our seat out of our excitement to take pictures!)

Most of the girls are wearing the same cut of dress, and print, and material – baby dress, geometric design and light satin like cloth. Good for me, I’ve never experienced sharing the same outfit with another lady wherever I go. I decided to wear a black tube dress, with shantung obi belt, and red shoes. Old stuff. Just mix and match. Well, I’m not a kid anymore, to ask for new stuff for this occassion. What I ask is for more guidance and blesssings from Him next year and the years to come..

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