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January 5, 2008

In just 7 days I finished reading 2 books.. (hmm.. the first four words I used sound like a Pond’s commercial..)

Anyway, I finished the It’s a Thin Line. I regret ignoring the book and only picking it up just when I thought I’ve ran out of good books to read in my shelf, but the story is a good read. The story involves the lives of three siblings and their mom. It talks about so many issues, such as domestic violence, adult care giving, child molestation and men’s fear of commitment. The author was able to convey true reactions and feelings from each characters (esp that of Rick’s and his fear of marriage). The story tackles serious issues but each chapter is never a bore. I guess this would make a good book recommendation for book reviews for High School students, and ditch To Kill a Mocking Bird.

And then there’s The Tesseract. This book is quite heavy for me.. far different from the books I read. Yet I am so impressed because the story and plot is so brilliant. What makes it more special, the story happened in Philippines.. not just in the busy Manila, but the author also transported readers to one of the exotic provinces we have. Very impressive. I should read more of these books.

Now I have new 6 books to read. And yes, all chiclits.

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