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January 22, 2008

Exposing Pinay Scandals


Why do people love pinay scandal?

It hurts my Pinay side to see adult sites advertising women, and posting hot blondes' pictures stating they are from Manila, Makati, Cebu or any other part of the Philippines. Who are the people behind these sites? I hate to think Pinays are that desperate for sex and money; and fame to get themselves well-known in the cyberspace through sex scandals. And there comes the romeos and rodeos entertaining themselves and their "little friends" while watching these videos on a couch in their wide-screen LCD monitors with their headsets to really "feel" the moment. I cannot deny that some of these "victims" and pinay scandals stars would make a good career if they would go professional but others are just so lame and untalented and ungifted that I dont understand why my friends bother to keep those sex scandal files on their NSeries Phones, and Ipods. Isnt that a waste of mb?

But one thing is for sure, this brilliant netizen is out in the cyberspace "to clean" Google's top searches free from porn sites, or any sites with PINAY SCANDALS, COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY SCANDALS, SEX VIDEOS, or any CELEBRITY SEX SCANDAL content.

And Im taking part on this little experiment, and so are the other bloggers. And Im thinking like a guy now, im loving PINAY SCANDALS! and I love being PINAY. ;)