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January 26, 2008

Clair Naylor Book After a Night Out

I missed my room..

Such a hassle that my commitment this morning was postponed. I only had 4 hours of sleep last night, and I got up early and battled the traffic just to be informed that the meeting was postponed.

Last night I went out with my Korean student and explored Eastwood. I would like to think he had fun and enjoyed the view and crowd in Eastwood, since he said there's not such a place like that in Korea. Like an industrial sort of park. We had dinner in Pasto, and he was a gentleman to accommodate my cravings for Italian food. But of course, we had to wait for two hours for my friend to arrive before we were able to eat dinner and indulge. He told me it's impolite and not proper to start eating not unless all the "attendees" arrive. It's a Korean custom, that I just followed and respected last night - while I was cursing my friend through texts and blaming traffic in Metro for my stomach's misfortune. Anyway, after I've had 3 refills of raspberry iced tea and smoked dozen sticks of Marlboro lights, my friend finally arrive (with a swollen-i-havent-had-enough-sleep-yet-eyes).

We had dessert and coffee after in Jack's Loft, which I personally think is not the best place for me to relax, and defintly not a conducive place for my student to practice his conversational skills (and listening skills). But since my friend is so hyped up in the place, plus the Decadent Cake and Oreo Cheesecake are divine, who am I to complain? Was it just me and my age, that I feel that I've outgrown the whole thing now? Or should I just blame myself for being a certified bum for the longest time, and my new definition of fun is enjoying a good book in my pajamas?

Just the same, it was a great night. It's been a while since the last time my friend and I hang out, and it's cool that my student got to test his skills too. And when I hit the bed when I got home, I got the coffee working on my body til morning to enjoy the Clair Naylor book in my pajamas..