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My 2008 Wardrobe

January 6, 2008

Im just so lucky that I have my mom who knows how to make clothes, (and absolutely good at that!), that I need not worry about bumping into someone wearing the same clothes and style I am wearing.

I know I have a gift and eye in fashion! (well I would like to think that way..) Before the year ends, I was thinking which new styles would be in for this year. And my guesses are right! Hah! Don’t you think I would make a great career for writing for a fashion mag..? or be a model..? Isn’t it nice to be like the Olsen twins? or those fashion models? Whose style is always being monitored by those flashing cameras, and be everyone’s fashion icon..? Hmm.. But that would take out my license of privacy and bad hair days. So I guess I shouldn’t be having this conversation in my head. Maybe I would just pursue my career in accessory making..

Ok, for the record, I don’t want to be tagged as fashionista (although my friends, esp College friends like to use such adjective in their testimonials in my friendster account). I would like to think I am more of stylish. I dont follow trends, and never wear trends all the same time! I just love mixing and matching! And I personally love to invest on classics, but I do keep a collection of nice accessories which I can use to update my wardrobe.

Here are the items and style I think would be in this year, or should I say I would want to add on my wardrobe:

* MULTIPLE PENDANT NECKLACE (CHOKER TYPE) Ditch the long necklaces! Or update them with multiple pendants. Classic, vintage look. Think of cameo, crucifix (if i can wear one!), precious stones, pearl, lockets hanging in your neck, with a plain top or dresses.

* PLAIDS or CHECKERED I love the cowboy look! and the plaid print tube dress.. that would be my mom’s next assignment.

* MINI DRESSES Just shift dresses, and straight cut. Say bu-bye to baby dresses! I love the senepa type cloth. But we cant find one in Tutuban and Divisoria.

* RED DRESS So sexy and pair it up with black pumps. Reverse the Little Black Dress and Red Shoes combo. But now, I am convincing my mom to make me a plain dress in Royal Blue.

Well.. that’s all I am thinking right now.. I guess I need to do closet cleaning to make room for my new stuff.

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