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Pearly Pearls

January 28, 2008

South Sea Pearls are a girl’s new bestfriend. Name them Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea Pearls.

I just practically spent my afternoon with my student Jun researching for a perfect gift for his mom. The gesture is so sweet for a son, I soo much agree. But being a receiver of such a gift would be the sweetest moment I think.

We went to Zuniga Jewellery Store in Greenhills, which is owned by my friend’s friend, and I practically fell in love with their pieces. My student is eyeing the white gold pendant with diamonds and 11mm South Sea Pearl, with an omega necklace – the set practically is a steal for price.

I’m not very fond of jewelry, and I’m so much content with my fresh water pearl sets (which i usually wear for that classic and polished look); but one thing is for sure, jewelry is a good investment. It’s such a blessing to live in this country where pearls, and good quality pearls for this matter, are produced and marketed.

Here are some tips on buying and choosing a good pearl: Check the LUSTER which is the intense deep shine of the pearl. The larger the pearl, the more luster it exhibits. Then, there’s SHAPE which can be round, off round, semi baroque, teardrop and oval. The SURFACE of the pearl should be checked as well. The quality of a good pearl, (South Sea Pearl for this matter), is smooth, without spots and bubbles. And of course, the SIZE. Smallest is Freshwater Pearls (max of 7mm), and the biggest South Sea Pearls which can go as big as 14mm.

I was surprised though that 1mm difference for South Sea Pearl can cost like $250!

Now, before I go buying a “new bestfriend”, I think I have to scout around for a man who will be more than willing to introduce me to these new bestfriends..

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