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Thoughts While Having Sex by Stephanie Lehmann

January 16, 2008

Recently finished Thoughts While Having Sex by Stephanie Lehmann. And yes, the title is catchy, that’s true, but the story doesn’t literally evolve on sex and the heroine’s thoughts while doing the deed.

Don’t expect alot of hot scenes here (do I sound disappointed now?), it is not a typical fluffy go-girl chiclit. Jeniffer is a struggling playwright, and has inhibitions on that act, and plainly expresses her feelings through her work. She wrote a cathartic play about two sisters (which actually reflected her true feelings about her dead sister) – pretty scary part and plain weird.. I never like the idea, especially in a chiclit, it was supposed to be a feel-good book right? (so many sad parts in this book) Anyway, so she met a director who’s willing to produce her play, and willing to be her partner. Series of auditions, and they met the perfect actress in the name of Kelly, whose character is a real biatch I guess, and a true seductress. I was kinda expecting the ending of the story. Kelly got discovered and became a big star after her performance (sad, sad part – the goal is for Jeniffer’s play to hit the Brodway), but before that she gets to bed the director Peter (whata heartbreaker), because the guy really thought Jeniffer was really not into-him after she somehow rejected his “moves” (ouch! how can she be so stupid?!).

Kelly’s character was quite contradicting, the reason why she didnt mention Jeniffer’s play on her credits now that she is a big star was not explained, although agreeing to do the play again somehow compensated on that. And yes, Jeniffer and Peter ended together.. (and ended in bed during the ending!), and yet again she used her play to express her feelings.

I was impressed how the author describes the production, casting process and drama behind the curtain. Reading the book reminds me of Ibong Adarna, and Noli Me Tangere plays we were obliged to watch in High School. And yes, I give so much respect on stage actresses and actors. They have talents and discipline. Enough said.

And the most important lesson in this book – If you want something, go get it! Never be afraid to express your feelings. Just enjoy the ride! And about the thoughts while having sex.. it should be filled only with the man you’re with.

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