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Time of the Month: Dealing with Dysmenorrhea

January 30, 2008

Im two days delayed, missing out my 28-day cycle. Probably it’s my body’s way of making up for the “lost” days last month when I had my period twice for the month of December. But im not worried, and troubled, and stressed out. Im just so glad I wont deal with paranoia this time. Im sure my “visitor” will come sometime this week, probably tonight when Im enjoying a good dream with my Romeo.. or maybe tommorrow.. and biggest possibility just on a day when you least expect it, and just when you hate to deal with it.. like when you have a date, a presentation or a good plan; which is always the case.

I should be eating fish and greens now to combat dysmenorrhea. Ive read that taking paracetamol on the first sign of cramps, and taking every two hours would relieve the possible pain. Then of course, there’s the ever reliable hot compress, which works in numbing my abdomen.

They say there are two types of girls. There are the ones who are mad and hate the week whenever they got their periods. And there are those who are always happy, thankful and relieved whenever the spots came (despite the dysmenorrhea and a week of discomfort and pain).

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