The Tshirt Project

I know my gift for a friend in US is already on its way to him through his mom. I just hope “the mommy” had a safe trip to US. I hope he will like my gift as much as I like it! I’m loving the concept of The Tshirt Project, and I know their products, tshirts for this matter, would make a perfect gift for Filipinos who live in US, and for Balikbayans.

People would agree with me, statement shirts are so overated and overused! Im sick of seeing those “born to shop”.. “im with a stupid person”.. “my boyfriend thinks im an ATM machine..” prints on shirts, that even China mass produced these shirts and are now being sold in the strip of Divisoria.

But a big BUT – The Tshirt Project makes sense of statement shirts. I love their designs and “statements” depicting Filipino values, culture and just everything about Filipinos. I was surprised that they actually categorized their shirts now.. there’s Branded of course, which prints include entertainment icons like Juan dela Cruz Band, Tito, Vic and Joey (I love my TVJ shirt!) and the likes of other oldies musicians and bands. Of course, the ever popular is SPOOFS, carrying popular company names and logos and adding Filipino culture twist. My favorites: “Horny Potter and the Stoned Sorcerer” (for Harry Potter), and “Fatness First” (for Fitness First).

The bomb is their MaliS’ya (English for Malice, but can mean, “she/he is wrong” = mali siya) Collection. I actually picked a shirt from MaliS’ya. The messages are so funny and just real and only for Pinoys!

Here’s the shirt I bought for a friend, just a little something to remind him of Philippines. The color was forgiven since the print is just too cute.

Plus their packaging is not at all a disappointment. Again, spoofing another trend, inspired by Anya Bag, Im-not-a-plastic-bag; they created this:

Just brilliant! Ive seen that they also released SPOOF canvass bags for LV, Salvatore Ferragamo, and the likes. I would definetly buy one. I’d rather have it than buy a knockoff bag!

Two thumbs up for the people behind the The Tshirt Project! One more reason to be proud of being a Filipino. Now that is using talents for good use. Way to go!

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