TV Show: Identity “Judging the Book by It’s Cover”

I looove the new TV Game Show Identity aired here in the Philippines tru QTV11.

There are like 12 people standing still on numbered pedestals, staring emotionlessly on space, they dont speak and move, and the contestant must match their identities. There’s a son of a preacher, Russian immigrant, Preschool teacher, Black Jack Dealer etc. What’s so exciting about the show is the suspense whenever the question is asked – “is that your identity?”, then comes the long wait of hearing the answer.. and they don’t just answer YES, but say a witty line like “Yes, I do cards..”  (Black Jack Dealer) or “Amen to that” (son of a preacher).

The best way to get them right is through elimination, which what the contestant did! He was sooo good, and he happens to be a Filipino!

When asked by the host, Penn Jilette what he would do with $150,000 dollars, contestant said – .. my parents are from Philippines, and I want to go back there.. build an institution for street kids.. clothe them.. educate them.. Now that’s some noble act! He got to match all the identities and bagged $500,000!

Thanks to the panel who the contestant can consult, which consists of former FBI agents, Psychologists; and relatives-friends-family members who the contest can bring along with him (just like in the Deal or No Deal) and help him decide or console him when there comes a mistaken identity.

Now let’s just wait some more months who would ask the question “Is that your identity?” here in the Philippines, would it be Edu Manzano or Kris Aquino?

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