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January 12, 2008

White Bikini Panties and Underwear Talk

I just finished reading White Bikini Panties, and it's a typical feel good read. It's a story about a successful eligible business writer who dumped her cheating boyfriend and tried the dating scene again.. there came STD, sudden brush with a younger man, and some guy encounters. Then there's a work dilemna involving her friend Bobby and gossip-queen Elaine, her sister's request for her "eggs", and fun tarot card reading with her bestfriend Jane. Like any typical chiclit, the story ends with her prince charming back in her arms. Although I personally think the title should be changed to Tarot Cards.. or named after any kitchen gadget.

I was expecting a whole new transformation about Trina's character but the realization is still there, that the heroine is a real girl, she's not obssessed about her looks, she's a risk taker but careful about her decisions and she doesnt care what underwear she's wearing. Which surprises me, I thought every girl is aware what underwear she's wearing at the moment.

Speaking of underwear, I ordered new sets of bra and yes, it's confirmed, my new measurement is 34C. Quite surprising for my body type, I know. But it's a pain to wear wrong bra size.

I just love underwear! I invest so much on these pieces. And they have to match (undies and bra) and they should go well with the clothes I am wearing for the day. Not just for fashion sake but to give you that attitude! Everyone knows the basics: Tshirt bras for plain tess, seamless undies for tight fitting pants and skirts, and dresses. But knowing you have nice stuff hugging you inside gives you an instant confidence.

And yes, you should always wear nice underwear, because you wouldn't know what will happen to you at the end of the day.. ;)