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Chinese New Year and Me, as a Feng Shui Expert

February 7, 2008

It’s a time for tikoy, dragon dances, red clothes, ampao, and all the charms and good luck pieces. I personally don’t believe in feng shui and all the other good luck rituals and beliefs, but being Filipino that I am, I have come to accept, respect and enjoy this tradition. Funny how Filipinos can easily adapt and accept different cultures and traditions from other countries, and observing them like they were our own. But why not? Isn’t it a pefect time to do business.. sell tikoy, do part time doing dragon dance in Binondo, and sell and resell goodluck charms, crystals and buddhas?

I don’t believe in the good luck and blessings each tiger eye, turquoise, jade or rose quartz brings in one’s life, but I agree they make good accessory and accent to a boring ensemble, and that’s the only reason I would have interest in buying them. If they would bring me good luck, fortune, good health, new opportunities, and maybe an endless love, I would whole heartedly accept the blessings.

The Chinese Calendar says it’s a Year of the Rat. Every year, Feng Shui Experts interpret each animal’s behaviour and turn them into something meaningful in each person’s life. What do they have to say about the rat now? Im interested.. I heard that rats are favorite exotic food in other Asian countries (even here in the Philippines, in some remote areas in Metro!). I know it is repulsive, but maybe that explains the importance of rat for this year. They make good relief for empty stomachs.

I don’t know much about these things, all I know is that Im a Year of the Dog. Whatever that means in my life, I don’t know.. One thing is for sure, Im not a dog lover, and Im actually afraid of dogs.. sniffing dogs to be specific. Not that I do drugs, or I am a dealer, hell no. But I have developed this fear and paranoia that sniffing dogs would bite any minute, if they dont like your smell, or they dont like the way you walk. Stupid I know. But I am just thinking, maybe the dog sign would mean a preferred position in bed.. Hmm.. Yeah, now that makes sense. 😉

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