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Diamonds, Girls and Investors Bestfriend (Diamond Trading)

February 12, 2008

I’ve recently got engaged in an online discussion about investments and business, and guess what I’ve just discovered? Diamond trading.

Yes there are some people who are particularly interested about this idea, and even Debeers, a popular diamond company is also taking part on this supplying precious gems to interested parties.

Who ever thought that these valuable pieces which is mostly associated with engagement could make a mark in the investment and trading business?

I wonder who would be the players here? Would I see the Olsen twins, and Paris, and Oprah along with the Englad personalities populating the trading scene?

This would need broad knowledge about diamonds, like cuts, karats and weight; as money, certification and authenticity would be tricky for this trade.

As for me, I might as well get a man who wouldn’t just slide a precious rock on my finger, but flood my jewelry box as well..

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