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Gimme An O! by Kayla Perrin

February 9, 2008

Well, probably this is what my mind is screaming at the moment. Now that I haven’t experience such divine feeling, but it’s more of not having someone to share the experience with.

How many months, and still I’m counting..

Anyway, this is the most recent book I’ve read. Ive finished the book in two days! The story is not just the typical romance, feel-good book, but it’s twisted with suspense and pure seduction. Imagine Halle Berry while reading the life of Dr Love, Lecia – the author of a book Big O! which makes raves in town, a therapist and a certified believe-it-or-not celibate. And then there’s a star athlete, Anthony, who is served with divorce papers by his wife Ginger, because of the scandalous prostitute encounter as she says. But not.

The author could have at least let the readers play detective in Ginger’s where-abouts and plans, instead of just giving it all away in the middle of the story. But yeah, I guess, I’m reading a chiclit and not a Michael Crichton book, so fine.

But I love the road trip part, which made me want to get the same break in my life. Like be crazy for a moment, enjoy life, and foget about the reality, and all the shit that comes in it.

So for now, I’ll just leave reality by indulging in this kind of seductive novel..

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