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On Blogger Templates

February 16, 2008

Finally, I got my template back! Ive upgraded my template from the classic one to beta blogger template some days ago. I thought the beta, and all the widget thing is far easier, but I just realized it is more complicated!

Im actually far more comfortable with HTML and classic template, however, the classic template doesnt support the Labels – meaning you cannot show your Labels and Categories on the side bar of your webpage. What good is labeling your posts if you cant show them right? And it’s a waste of time for readers to dig on your monthly archive just to read related topics on your blog. For those who can’t just let go of their classic templates, don’t despair because Ive found out the solution how to show your labels with this html code:

<*a* href= name>label name<*/*>

Now you have to configure and edit that, like what I did with my classic template:

<*a* href=>Book<*/*>
– Just remove all the the asterisks * in the html code to make it work.

So you have to make all the links for all your labels. To know all the labels you tagged in your previous posts, go to Create Post and click Show All. Everytime you make new label, you have to add a link of that in your side bar. Also, this html trick wont show the number of posts for each label/category.

But still Im not impressed with Beta Blogger, since it somehow save cookies or widget of previous template, so everytime I choose new template, previous settings will still appear, overwriting the new ones. And to make things worse, I just cant make my haloscan work with this new template.

Ive practically wasted 2 hours to configure this template again, so I guess I just have to stick with this now.

For those who might want to upgrade in beta blogger template, here‘s a cool site to pick up some cool new templates.

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