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Union Bank EON Card and PayPal Power

February 2, 2008

Finally I have succesfully added my debit card (UnionBank EON Card) in my PayPal account and I feel like Im ready to go selling internationally!

It’s been ages since I got my EON card which I picked up from the nearest Union Bank branch. I actually applied online, and it took just one week to process my application and I received a call that my card is already for pick up from the Union Bank branch I selected. After two weeks, that was when I picked up the card, and paid Php350 for the annual membership. If you want to enroll for one, click this.

However, out of excitement, I forgot to load credit/money to my account, so when I registered my card to PayPal, they denied my application. So only yesterday I only got time to drop by at the bank and deposited money. And yes, Ive successfully added my new card! So tip for those who’ll enroll for EON Card and PayPal, deposit even Php100 in your card so you can add it on your PayPal account.

I think I’ll gonna love EON Union Bank Debit Card! It’s given that it is the only debit card here in the Philippines that is partnered with PayPal, and it works just like an ATM – you go to the machine, withdraw money and shop away! And the bomb is that it works just like a plastic money. Flash the card in any shops which accept VISA and pay without counting bills. Besides, Ive had bad experience before when I got my supplementary credit card which proves my carelessness and impulse buying behaviour, that I realized and promised myself I wont apply for any credit card account in the future. So I guess, debit card is just fine with me. And yes, I can bring the card when I get to travel even outside the country!

But the sole purpose of this card in my life, is not for shopping (and I have to keep that in mind!). With the power of this card and technology, I can imagine getting packages shipped from other countries.. (and really, it should be the other way around if I want my business and money!)

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