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February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day For Sale!

What more can I expect today? People in red clothes Iwhich reminds me not to wear anything in red!), crowded malls flocked with couples.. movie theater long lines.. hearts everywhere! More than lovers, husband and wives, and newly weds, and smug couples, the people who are more than happy this day are the ones who own these establishments, offering the best Valentine's experience today.

Im pretty sure Dangwa, in Espana is now crowded with rows and rows of flowers and bouqets. I have heard, that red roses are now selling at P500/dozen, from P80/dozen. I never realized Valentine's Day can make such a change in price overnight defeating the dollar-peso exchange rate and Jun Lazada vs. government brouhaha. And during this day, Chocolates are always present.. I have heard that the bestseller this time is the chocolate body spread. I completely forgot where to buy this stuff, as I don't pay much interest. For ladies, if you want to have a yeast infection tomorrow, go ask your man to buy this and enjoy dessert tonight.

I don't want to even think of the waiting list for restaurants tonight, but since there are Starbucks in every corner, who needs to worry? And don't even count on the movie offerings.. If you want to catch Marimar and Kamadag on the big screen, go hit the theaters! And since my friend told me that for every Tagalog movie you watch, you get to help the farmers, go and do if for the good cause. Otherwise, just stay home and catch the stars on the primetime drama.

I wonder if media will guard Sta Mesa, Pasig and Pasay tonight, capturing videos of couples who just checked out from motels.. these establishments which serve like nests for forbidden and illegal relationships. But whose to blame? A 12-hour stay (and a whole-time of loving!) for P499 is dirt cheap! and I mean dirt cheap. Be careful with cameras though, people would want fame, but not in the internet; and who would want a Scandal for a surname..? Might as well go pro, and earn big.

What more can I say but Valentine's is overated. It's just so sad that I wont get loving this day, but I've had enough in the past months. Besides, chocolates are still sweet (sorry, I want it dark), and delicious even if you buy and eat them in any regular day. Flowers blossom even in your backyard to appreciate their beauty. It's much nicer to enjoy a fancy dinner without the trouble of going through the waiting list. And yes, lodging establishments offer best deals during off-peak season! ;)