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Scene Stealer!

March 23, 2008

Filipinos are so hospitable and flexible, that we practically adapted every country’s traditions and rituals.. There’s halloween costume parties, trick or treat thing, Feng Shui beliefs during the Chinese New Year, Turkey on Thanksgiving day.. and here comes Easter Egg Hunts..

This day is a little special for us, and my family. It’s a special occassion.. and as much as I want to talk about it here, I may as well not. The bottom line is, I am forgiven and blessed.

Occassions call for new clothes. I remember when I was a kid, Thanksgivings and Mid Year Thanksgivings, or just any known occassion (Recognition Day counts!) we always had new clothes and shoes, and bags to complete the ensemble. Parents wouldn’t allow their kids to be left out. But now that I am older, and I am practically shopping for new clothes every week, I decided not to stress myself over what to wear for the occassion.

I scanned my closet last night and decided on shantung chinese print skirt which was made by my mom, black cowl neck top with full lace at the back, 3-inch high red shoes, and embroidered bag from Dorothy Perkins..

I’ve decided to wear a new piece of accessory to go with my pearl earrings, a hand-me-down vintage gold pearl ring, and Armitron black watch. The drama focuses on – (drum roll please!) the multiple pendant necklace!

Yes, Ive been wanting one ever since I saw Daphne Osena wearing one. A real scene-stealer!

Im proud to say, this is my creation, the round locket is from my lola, the Mona Lisa portrait I bought from a specialty store, and the G-clef charm I borrowed from one of my bracelets.

I actually want a 5-piece pendant, and the pieces are already on my mind.. I just need to scout for the finest and most unique pieces.

This is just fab, right?

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