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Love, Romance, Elegant and Fantasy Bracelet

March 20, 2008

I love shopping, and I love technology for bringing me into the world of online shopping (and practically letting me be an online seller myself).

Ive bought alot of good stuff online.. from imported lotions, fragrances and other stuff, to unique accessories and bestselling books.

I cant help but brag about one of the most unique pieces Ive ever bought from Gargantilla. The site owner sells funky gothic bracelets, colorful cameos, to the most unique vintage inspired pieces. And what’s good is that she only makes one piece per design, assuring buyers that each design is solely theirs!

Yet, accessory customization is also welcome! 😉

Check out this fabulous bracelet I got.

Girly. Vintagey. Classic. Romantic and full of Fantasy.

I love the combination of the pink beads with rustic wire, accented with clay fairy

.. the dragonfly charm, crystal leaf and beads, and old rustic rose charm, golden G-clef design,

.. and the book-like locket with fairy design infront is truly eye-catching! And yes, this one opens!

But my favorite charm piece is this acrylic boarded music piece!

This is a true labor of love, even the wire lock is handcrafted..

Although the material and the whole bracelet is a little weak (which tends me to worry about missing links and charms – I actually almost lost the locket, but a quick nailpolish sealing actually does the trick!)

I intend to add this glamorous and unique piece to complete the whole concept of love, romance and fantasy..

Just fab and elegant!

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