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Embracing Gothic and Nouveu

May 18, 2008

I’m so inspired.. and salivating at the finely crafted accessories Im seeing online (I can practically feel my heatbeat and pulse)!

For some reason Im loving the romantic gothic look, and I can now freely say, Im really into laces and silks, and satins.

The whimsical nouveu is also a glam!

I want to go now, and head to Quiapo or Divisoria and buy all the goods and beads, and charms, and strings, laces, and materials I can see there and start my own accessories collection. I feel like Im falling inlove.. and totally inloved, and just plain passionate!

But seriously, making glamorous and fab accessories is something I want to do again (I remember I used to string colored beads when I was in grade school), and I might as well take advantage of my location and accessibility to the beads haven in Manila.
Besides, buying and shopping online is really a pain in my wallet. I should just save the money to buy other more important things (like lipglosses maybe?). And in reality, everyone has the chance to be a romantic bead lady..

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