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Get Me There.. and Some Lessons

May 3, 2008

Just want to share some lessons Ive learned for the past two or three weeks..

1. It’s not easy to maintain a blog.

2. Learning is fun, and good, and beneficial. But learning new things , and practically testing your knowledge through a 15-item exam everyday is not healthy at all.

3. Don’t even think about Long Exams.

4. Getting 100% and a perfect score is good. But the best feeling is failing to get the perfect score with one mistake, and knowing you got that rating without the help of others.

5. Just trust yourself, and dont listen to others. Especially during exams.

6. Disappointed carries more weight than anger.

7. I just realized I hate long distance relationships.

8. “squash seeds” make a good substitute for coffee.

9. After work, it’s always better to go straight home after a few sticks and chat with friends.

10. I miss playing video games! And people like me who grew up with family computer controller in hand wont just “grow up”.

11. There would come a time when you would hate your friends for who they are.

12. But it’s always nice to have friends, and new friends.

13. One packed lunch equals 6 dishes, if you have lunchmates!

14. I will always hate commuting in our area.

Which reminds me..

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