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Who Am I?

May 11, 2008

We had this team building activity last Friday and we were asked to write our names on a sheet of paper with columns Continue Doing, and Start Doing.

The papers were passed around, allowing team members to write on each column, to voice out their feelings and perceptions about you.

I just realized that most of my team members don’t know me at all. The usual Continue Doing are being funny, skinny, sexy, smart..

I received alot of Starting 
eating alot
-gaining weight

which I find really funny! It just proves that most of my team members dont know me at all, and practically wrote eating more and gaining weight, just by judging my built. Do these people actually see me eat?

And talking about being less mean.. I would say I’m just voicing out my opinions, and if just because they always hear me talk and being silly doesn’t equate to being mean.

Just the same, I am happy being me.

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