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Married Men and Cheating

May 23, 2008

Alot of women are probably as curious as I am why married men still sleep with another woman, (should I say other women). One thing which makes me more unexcited about marriage (not that I am getting married this June, or anytime soon).. I was hoping I would be enlightened after a talk with two married men, but I just got confused all the more.

One says he would never indulge in such a fantasy. He and his wife are together for so many years, and he just cant afford to lose what they have just because of a good night with another woman. If he ever get busted, he would lose the other girl, and he would lose his wife, and completely lose his happiness. I would like to give him a standing ovation for such an insight. But a part of me asks, hmm… isn’t it just a man’s-faithful-front style so woman would see him as a challenge? Just a thought, but I would never challenge this man’s stand.

Now, here’s another married man who says sleeping around is not cheating at all. Because simply it’s just sex. There’s always a wife to go home to. This is the famous line of all the playboys, hunks, Adams, Adonises, Samsons and rockers alive. So the question now is, what do you consider cheating? When can you say you are cheating? “.. it’s when you started to feel something for the other woman.. when you are dependent about your needs..” Wow, I heard this before, and I know every decent woman wont buy it. And I dont buy it.

I hope John Gray could write a book and explain, and enlighthen us about this. Are men really from Mars? It seems to me they want to invade the whole Venus planet.

Somehow it all differs on a man’s principles, beliefs, and preferences.

It’s sad how society has accepted that men can get away with sleeping with other women just because they are men. And when they get caught and busted, they can always say that they dont mean to cheat, and it’s that little head who did it..

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