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Nostalgically Funny: On Being What People Call Jologs

May 15, 2008

It’s funny how people would tagged you Jologs, and baduy, simply because you know that Anna Luna was portrayed by this girl named, Margarita Fuentes, and that you remember the sitcom Hapi House which starred Tito Sen, Helen Gamboa, Chuckie Dreyfus and Isabel Granada, and that with horror you remember the details of the Shake, Rattle and Roll episode in which Manilyn Reynes was invited by Anna Roces in a province feast – and yes, the tricycle driver then was Richard Gomez..

For a couple of days, we are having a hilarious trivial conversations with colleagues about the same topic, and I was even surprised to know that there is actually a Megajologs quiz available online, gracing every netizen’s mailbox (and happens to miss mine). Everything we ask each other are recallections of childhood memories, just like a battle of most trivial questions and facts which have been part of the Filipino lives.

I would say the ones who cant relate or recall such things (Regal movies, TV shows, commercials, jingles, Shaider, Chicka Chika Chix, etc..) are somehow the “jologs” people in reality. I mean, watching TV is the only means of entertainment back then when there aren’t any gaming consoles, internet, Youtube, Ipod, HD-DVD’s.. etc, so I wonder, what do these people do when we were actually enjoying these wonderful things which are now part of the Pinoy culture? (even more enjoying these kinds of conversations). I hate to think they dont have TV’s when they were younger.. and just defend their innocense and ignorance by calling people who can relate to such conversations as Jologs..

And I dont care if they call me the ultimate jolog/s (i dont even know it’s real definition) just because I know the answers to their most trivial questions. Maybe it just proves at a young age, I am that observant and curious and attentive to details. Or simply I enjoy the Regal movies, the tv shoes, the jingles and the commercials that somehow they stay in my memory. Or that I just had a good childhood enjoying Tito, Vic and Joey movies with the people I love, and that thinking about the good old days makes me feel nostalgic, that I wish we were all together now.

A great way to exercise the brains and be nostalgic in a way.. Just the same, Im more than happy to know that Im not part yet of Memory Loss statistics.

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