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PlazaWine: Haven for Wine Lovers

May 11, 2008

Are you a wine expert? One with an adventurous palate and enjoy dining with that expensive bottle on table? Or simply someone looking for something perfect and unique as a gift?

Plazawine is a great stop and a haven for wine experts and enthusiasts.

Opening the site is like stepping into a vineyard, with its classic combination of purple and green, mirroring its collection of fine wines: Red Wines, White Wines, Champagne & Sparkling Wines, Rosé Wines, Regional Wines, Dessert & Ports, Kosher & Organic Wines, and Liquors & Spirits. This online store is not just a store but work as an online book and guide for the new wine converts. Clicking each category would load you more information about the certain wine type, and suggested selected wines complete with description, year (yes, wines are mostly classified by regions and years), and price (those on a budget can sort the collection by price).

And for those who are health-conscious, but still want to enjoy the sniff -swirl- and- taste- experience wine offers, there’s an Organic Wine selection which is a real bestseller collection on this site.

What’s so special about this site is that it also offers merchandise and products which comliments the star of every occassion, wines. For those who are weak at wine and alcohol, there’s a variety of chocolates, truffles and dried apricots to choose from.

More than serving the best chilled wine, presentation should be considered as well. Wine glasses, coasters, trivets, wine markets, and baskets are also available in Plazawine. Ive actually seen some interesting items which would make a perfect gift for wine collectors.. They practically have the best and most rare wines, and precious bottles, so why not give them like a wine label holder, wine filter and journal? These unique pieces are available in the Wine Accessories area of this site.

I actually want to order this classic, and regal tile trivet!

These wine tags are lovely, cosmopolitan and chic!

The bomb is that this site offers personalized gifts for wine lovers. The personalized offering is an answered prayer for those who are thinking of perfect gift for their friend, boss, father-in-law, or even as a giveaway gifts for special occassions. Get your picture on the wine label, or have your romantic message printed.

The site is uncluttered and organized, with it’s “breadcrumbs” helping you with your navigation, and making sure youre not lost within the site. There’s even a search button which would send you straight to the product you are looking for.

Apparently, the site is not yet offerring credit card payments, or Paypal, but better be confident that the site is secured. And with it’s promising offerings and services, I’m pretty sure settling of purchases would be too easy, and worldwide delivery would be possible. Shipping options and preferences offering is just impressive, giving its clients flexibility and more choices.

Better check out The Connoisseur at Plazawine, and know the truth.. simply, in vino veritas!

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