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Weekend at Last!

May 31, 2008

Love the weekend!

Got tons to do.. dunno where to start?! I’ll definetly do the laundry.. clean and reorganize my room – for some reason, i always have my room and stuff all organized every Sunday morning.. but I noticed that when it’s at the middle of the week, Wednesday or even at Tuesday, I got all my make up, jewelry and accessories, and clothes scattered all over the drawers and closet.. Yes, the 10-minute-ensemble-im-not-in-the-mood-to-dress-up-yet-im-still-hot-look is true. I never plan my outfit/attire/get-up, I just decide what I want to wear right after taking a bath, and while Im on my undies – the result? Closet chaos every weekend.

I need to pay some online purchases as well, so I need to drop by the bank this weekend too.

I have some dvd’s here (Fast and the Furious – feel good movies) and Im planning to enjoy them with some real junk food. Hehe. Oh, and Ive just discovered a really good snack – Butter and Cheese Corn Snack from Cheezy. Haha. Got to hoard some!

Im thinking if I’ll do beading this weekend too.. that means going to the “war” at the market for materials.

That’s all I have in mind right now..

Oh, and yeah, I’ll do the pictures I promised a friend too.

And of course, sleep.

Hope this would be a nice weekend.

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