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June 23, 2008

DVD Night + Paul Walker

Weekend and stormy. I got lucky I was able to finish watching 2Fast 2Furious DVD before the citywide brown out. I know I am pathetic that I only get to see this movie just now, after what, 7 years? But it's okay. I thought watching movie is a thing for lovers. I never really felt left out  even if I missed out on a lot of good movies. And it's not too hard to turn down a couple of invites. There's no one to share the film with anyway. Someone I like. So Id rather enjoy the film at the comfort of my room, with my pillow, and a few good snacks, in my pajamas.

Anyway, the point of this blog is I just discovered that Paul Walker is one hot man! Yes! Love the guy! I fell in love with him the every minute of the film. It's not nice that they started the movie with him in just a plain white shirt.

I completely adore men in white shirt!  For some reason he reminds me of this guy.. maybe because this guy is such a driver too.