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June 7, 2008

Walking on the Carpeted Floor..

I cannot remember the last time Ive received an award.. or the last time I was commended for good work. Probably, 2 years ago when our team won the Christmas Party Presentation (it was a bomb since we just practiced the presentation the night before the event!). It's not that I am not an achiever or a performer. Somehow Ive already mastered the art of receiving an award. Haha. I cannot remember how many times I have been on stage to receive an award or commendation or prize (not counting the graduation days of course!).

Back in grade school, every year, I went up the stage with my mom and received my Most Behaved Recognition (yes, no kidding!) and Second Honor Award (I was always on second during the last grading period! I always lose the top spot!) I was all dolled up in white and I sure look like a doll when I was younger. For some reason, my mom was always pissed about this whole recognition thing because that means she needed to be absent at work, just to attend and be with me on stage and had our picture taken together. People wont believe that I was such a quiet and shy kid then.

Anyway, it was a great surprise to be recognized again, and be on the spotlight (coz there isnt any stage, really), and just be totally yourself. Spotlight in the sense that I did something worth people's attention, and not just being on spotlight just because I am being the silly me again (which is always the case). Not to brag or anything, but this whole thing is just plain unexpected, what I am trying to say is always be prepared and look your best.. co'z you wouldnt know when you would have to walk down the red carpet, be on the spotlight and then the camera would go flashing.

We all know that, right?