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June 23, 2008

Really Fab Shoes!

Yes, that's the bag I was carrying when I got home yesterday afternoon after paying some bills. I missed shopping! and I meant instore shopping. For a couple of months, Ive been so enganged in online shopping because of its convinience. I so hate traffic and walking that I almost give up this sport. Yes, I consider shopping a sport! Anyway, Ive been drilling my mom since last month to go shoe shopping. I have such a big shoe size, and I remember when I was in High School and College, Kickers is the only shoe brand my feet knew (because that's where I only have a size! and it came to me that I have to buy whatever shoes fit me, whether I like the design or not).. until I grew wiser and do online shopping. And now, buying new pair of shoes means going to Makati and all other places and malls which sell US brand and offer US sizes, which we both hate. I hate traffic remember?

And so, I felt like Cinderella when I tried a pair in So Fab! I never know I have a size in that store. The bomb is they are on sale! So I ended up buying 4 pairs! It's nice to discover a new mecca near my place. Lovely, just lovely!