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July 20, 2008

Showroom Show

I knew it, when I was still a kid that I always have a thing for houses, interior designing and housekeeping. Alot of kids would dream about being a princess living in a castle, but when I was a kid my dreams were just full of beautiful houses and garden. I remember when I was in grade school, I think 7 years old or younger, I always drew houses, with terraces; and floor plans.. how I want the partitions to be, and how the furniture were arranged. I even had my own version of The Sims when I was in grade school - play house made of dominos and chessboard. And just to justify my love for houses and interior designing, my favorite part of the department store is the Living Area.. where they showcase all the nice furniture and decorations you could fit in your house.

And if I just have the space and facility, I would fit every furniture I see with every click from this site - Efurniture Showroom.

It is a showroom indeed, as it offers a selection of modern, vintage and classic pieces from home furniture, baby cribs, and office desks.

My dream house now is a fusion of modern, dainty, country and classic rooms. Say, an old English style living room, dainty looking dining room, country style kitchen, classy bedroom and modern bathroom. And the pieces I could get from this wonderful site, with each furniture grouped according to its use and section, making shopping and browsing easy for the users.

Click the Living Room Furniture and feel relaxed at the comfy leather sofas, and studio chairs of different themes. You can create a whole new look of a living room by browsing through the sets, lamps, carpets, and wall decor sections.

This particular studio chair is just soo chic and me!

I would never let this end without talking about the Bedroom Furniture. Bedroom as the favorite room of all, mine I call my sanctuary. The best thing about this section is that it offers bedroom sets, with matching pieces for dressers, cabinets and tables - which made it easier for those who don't have flair for matching and designing. But for those who are more into mixing and matching, separate sections for such pieces are available too.

I just found this chair and ottoman irresistable! Make a good piece for the entertainment room.

And this basin like sink is what I wanted installed in our bathroom, but we just can't find as classy as this then..

The site also included the Office Furniture section, as most people nowadays work in their homes. It houses non-traditional, functional and stylish pieces of different themes and sizes for more flexibility.

What's nice about Efurniture Showroom is it offers free shipping for every order, and security with partnership with PayPal.

I know, there's no place like home.. especially if you are nestling surrounded with such beautiful pieces.