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July 27, 2008

Some Party

Last night was a blast! It's been a loong time the last time i enjoyed a party - i mean, last night was not even a party, more of a get-together/dinner/videoke/meeting.. but the point is - this is the last time I enjoyed a party with the company of coworkers. The last time of course was 3 years ago? Christmas Party with overflowing alcohol (tequila, beer, vodka, everything you name it!).

I never liked videoke nights.. that's not my kind of stuff (well obviously, Im not a singer), but last night - with danceable songs, and people in party mood, they rocked the dancefloor! (and some of us did the aisle!).

I cannot honestly say what a riot last night was. People were like coming from beach, rock concert, dinner date and office. I myself just pulled out pair of jeans, a black versatile top, and red shoes - as in, this is not a planned night, but yet i looked hot. Haha. Anyway, I know I have to search and search friendster to grab the pictures from last night. I dont have my camera of course, and my 3G phone was not even that reliable, as well as my shaky hands.. and yes, I have activated the night mode, but I forgot the flash. So much for excitement.

It was fun. Only that, last night I went home alone, and I mean went straight home.