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On a Sunday Night Show

September 28, 2008

I just watched a documentary and interviews with 5 most controversial Philippine Presidents. It’s always nice to watch something informative especially if it concerns your country’s history (a little break from the usual feel-good shows).

Back in grade school, we only get to study until Aquino’s term, and I remember having a hard time catching up on previous president’s contributions in the country.. (e.g Green Revolution). Whatever that has happened in the country from then on, I can somehow remember.. (e.g. 8-hour brownout everyday?).

I am a little scared and tensed for my kids, imagine they would study history from Lapu lapu (he was never a president I know right?), until whoever would be the president then. Can we imagine how long that test would be?

Just the same, being in politics, is just like being in any other games..

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