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October 19, 2008

Loving Weekends..

I love weekends! First reason is I get to spend time with my family.. (although most of those times, I am asleep! But still I am home!).

I choose to stay home during weekends now, rather than go out and party. I do miss my friends though, but I would never miss the hang-overs...

Top reason I love weekends: I have time to work on my project.. there is so much I want to do!!! But first things first, - clean the room! I just realized, my room is getting crowded and crowded each day (what, with tons and tons of online purchases.. - another reason I rather stay home, shopping is way too convenient at this era). Add to all my tagged items, is my new hobby: beading (picture all the pearl strands, beads and charms in the microwable containers at the corner of my room). Plus the tower of books I need to read (priority: 3 Gossip Girl books).

With dust all over and hairstrands on the floor, my room is a sight of chaos every Saturday morning, but now, I would like to think it's all clean and in order. And I want to keep myself organized, and I mean the whole week! Because I always felt the OC part of me only attacks on Sundays til Monday afternoon; and come work week - I am possessed by the Taz devil.

Some discoveries though, my closet is onced again packed with unused make-ups.. I remember disposing most of them, but now here comes another batch. Yet again, no more impulse buys! Only buy what you need. Don't get tempted with nice packagings (I always fall on this..). Aside from make-up discovery, I am surprised to see some of my shoes at their worst! Most of my rarely used shoes look so worn-out in their shoe boxes (should I blame my room temperature?) I should be searching the internet how to store shoes.. people should realize how hard it is to buy shoes of size 10!


Weekends.. although weekends give me time to rest and do what I want to do, weekends make me depressed - 359 days of depression, not doing what I really want to do..