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October 1, 2008

Okay.. I am practically writing and writing 24/7. I write at work.. I write in my planner.. I write online.. and I write email to my friends. I hope that gives me a good excuse why my blog is not always updated.. I never want to bore the lost netizens in my blog.

First off, I am so ecstatic today! I finally received the stuff I bought online (from Ebay! – okay I am a certified ebayer in my home country, but this I am talking about my first online purchases!) Yes, I bought two items (actually, several.. because the other listing is for a lot!). And of course, many special thanks to Jericho for the free shipping costs! 😉

I just can’t stop adorning the pieces! It’s obvious how much I love vintage, unique pieces and accesories. I am out of words, adjectives and appropriate “modifiers” to describe the items, so I better post the pictures here.. All I can say, they are lovely!


I know the pieces and design would justify my interest in nude art. Haha.

The best part is that my friends and coworkers do appreciate the pieces! I know for sure these are all worth the money, and long



Now, the weather is all windy and rainy. Storm signal number 2 is up in our place.

It’s a good thought when you are still in school. But now that you are working, and you have responsibilities (and some vices to spend on.. e.g. shopping! to be more specific, shopping for vintage pieces!); you always pray for sunshine.. How nice it is to enjoy a good movie.. or a book (which reminds me, I need to finish Gossip Girl book 3) at the comforts of your room..


Forgive my blogger template. It was such a mess. I decided to upgrade my site, and played with a new template. Guess what, I lost all my widgets, and the whole process is such a headache! I decided to go back to this template.. now it is all screwed up.

Lesson learned, don’t dare attempt to change or upgrade your template if you don’t have enough time and patience.

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