Here I go again, blogging and raving! I rarely blog nowadays, I only blog about things that really hit my emotions. I just watched Twilight with a friend. And I just realized how awesome the movie is! I have never read the book, and I didnt have plans actually.. Month ago, my office friend offered the ebook, and I blatantly refused. My other seatmates welcomed the file in their inboxes, and they are hooked. I only knew Edward because of a coworker who sits next to me (she calls herself Mrs. Cullen), and I dont want to disagree. And the next thing I know, the whole floor is going crazy about Edward, and the Twilight Saga.

I cant say I watched it out of peer pressure, Im too old for that. I am just plain curious. I never liked craze, and fad. I have to admit I had never read the Da Vinci Code until now, and I dont really care if every person I know was talking about that then. Same thing with Twilight. But after watching the movie, I just got curious all the more. And a spoiler friend filled me in with the story line – til the fourth book. I cant blame him, I asked too many questions (Why is Rosalie bitter? Who is that cute doctor? So they are good vampires huh?).

Over coffee we talked about the film – and it’s true that this movie never had much publicity and promotion. Everything is just a word-of-mouth thing. And I am sure alot of people would have noticed, that the movie is filled with unknown actors. We have only recognized Robb Pattinson as Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie. But if Edward is played by a different actor, would people actually pay much attention on this romantic film? We are actually laughing about the idea that the film could have been mistaken as an indie film. I am not very impressed with the cinematography. My friend is betting that it is a low budget film. Bella is such a disappointment too. She doesnt have emotions, she acts so cold. I think it would be a bigger hit if they chose a prettier actress – just to pull guys’ attention since Edward has the girls going crazy. I think she was overshadowed by Alice. She sure rocks!

It is actually funny that now I find myself searching more about Twilight after I got home. Check this video Making of Twilight. This related video is the prom scene. Edward (Robb Pattinson) sure looked hot in suit. We never realized how hard it is to film movies just when the weather doesnt cooperate. We cannot blame actors when they say they really worked hard on the film.

But what is cooler is this store that sells Twilight Shirts. Wear them and let the people know you are a fan and we love vampires 😉 Edward sure got me. I wonder how good he is a kisser? Haha

I think I’ll start reading the book. And I will buy the whole set to add next to my Harry Potter collection. I would have to ditch Gossip Girl books for now..

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